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>> bret: run away. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." good to be back. fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, lawmakers working to find common ground on the fiscal cliff before it's too late. plus, holiday shoppers looking for deals, pushing this cyber monday sales through the virtual roof. it's shaping up to be a possible record-breaker. shoppers spending more money today than ever before. a lot of them are not paying sales tax. now a move to close the loopholes that are costing states millions. plus at least when people shop online this doesn't happen. [oh] >> shepard: tonight, the brawl at the mall. a jury cleared casey anthony
4:01 pm
of murdering her little girl. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> shepard: now some potentially explosive evidence about a computer search somebody did on the day little caylee disappeared. and this was no ordinary parade can a gety. >> snn colon and then a number. >> shepard: shredded police documents apparently reigning down on the thanksgiving day crowd. >> i didn't know what to make of all of this information. >> tonight, investigation and police respond. but first from fox this monday night, some republicans are now saying they are willing to break their no tax hikes pledge to keep us all from going right over the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. it's pretty new and that's when pretty much everybody's taxes will go up if congress and the president can't cut a deal. g.o.p. leaders insist they still do not want to raise tax rates. instead, they say they would rather close loopholes and limit deductions. the white house says frankly that's not good enough.
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aides say president obama spoke with the house speaker john boehner and the senate majority leader harry reid over the weekend. and the president is confident they can work out some sort of agreement. mike emanuel on fox top story live in the d.c. newsroom tonight. mike, it looks like some republicans are changing their tunes. >> shep, republicans say they favor both major spending cuts and additional revenue from tax reform with lower tax rates. the pledge you mentioned is identified with americans for tax reforms grover norquist who has gotten many republicans to promise they won't vote to raise taxes. south carolina senator lindsey graham is pushing back saying capping deductions would help generate revenue. the top republic on the senate budget committee explained graham's position. >> he is conditioning any tax increase on fixing these programs, social security and medicare, particularly in making sure that they are sound for the future. so that's lindsey's position. and he has talked about accepting revenue to accomplish that goal. >> republicans continue saying
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they don't want to increase tax rates arguing that will hurt job growth. democrats say the middle class could be spared from a tax increase now. >> however as we continue to negotiate a responsible path forward i remind everyone within the sound of my voice of one fact. this congress is where one vote away from avoiding the fiscal cliff for middle class families and small businesses. >> republicans point to a study done by the winston group which is a republic research firm which says 65% of americans back tax reform and spending cuts over raising taxes, shep. >> shepard: we are hearing now that house republicans are planning to meet with ceos up on the hill a day after tomorrow. >> top ceos and top fiscal experts two weeks after president obama essentially did the same thing. the ceos of etna inc., honey well international and irskin bowles are amongst those scheduled to attend. half the bowls simpson deficit planned and laid out own formula to save $2 trillion. it is clear republicans like
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his ideas which would generate $800 billion in revenue through tax reform. meanwhile so much tax reform about allowing the bush tax cuts to allow the wealthy tox expire cost $9.69 billion a day to run. estimated additional revenue from allowing the bush tax cuts to expire would generate an average of $82.4 billion a year. so the money saved would run the government for 8 and a half days, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live in our newsroom. warning from the white house tonight. it says americans who may do less holiday shopping this year because they are worried about possible tax hikes in january. if we do go off the cliff, the white house is predicting more serious consequences for the entire economy. a lot of details here and they are coming up inside fox report. well, just hours remain in what is expected to be the biggest online shopping day ever. the research firm core score predicts americans will spend
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$1.5 billion online today alone this cyber monday. that's up 20% from last year. the national retail federation reports the average holiday shopper spent $423 this weekend in stores and online. total spending an estimated $59 billion. cheryl casone live from the fox business network with us tonight. cheryl, that's a big shot in the army for the economy. isn't it? >> it certainly is, shepard. we are seeing an allot of interest in online shopping today. initial numbers into fox business about how many people are out there spending this, today cyber monday. this is going to be already the biggest cyber monday ever when it comes to sales or revenues for the nation's he biggest retailers. number one number two wal-mart. 122 million people shopping today on web sites with the estimate looks like at this point we are going to blow through that. we also though had a lot of americans shopping black friday online. the amount of americans shopping online black friday up 26%.
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many of the biggest retailers in this country decided i'm not just going to give the bring and mortar stores the discounts. i'm going to offer those same discounts online. we are seeing big consumer interest. that does help the economy. 70% of this economy, shep. >> shepard: every year at this time the matter of sales taxes not being paid in some states comes up. every year at this time some big business owners say they are trying to change that. >> actually, it's a lot of small business owners. in fact the alliance for main street businesses really trying to fight what they sees a an unfair advantage by large online companies luring away those shoppers. if i live in california and i shop in massachusetts, a store there, i don't pay sales tax. but if that business is in california, i do. they say that it's unfair to small businesses across this country and many republic governors, believe it or not, are actually lobbying to have the online sales tax laws changed so that everybody pays tax online across the country. big revenue. >> shepard: cheryl casone fox business. thank you. some of the online bargains
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may be too good to be true. today the federal government and online law enforcement agencies proved it shut down more than 100 web sites selling counterfeit web sites. some set up web sites to look like regular web sites all to get to you party your cash. trace gallagher west coast news hub. shoppers had no idea what they were buying was fake. >> knock off companies keep getting better and better at churning out products fake that look and feel real. two web sites for ergo baby careers. one of them is fake and one of them is real. if you look at those things, experts say unless you have a trained eye or you know what you are looking for, it's very difficult to tell the difference. by the way, the one on the right is fake. here is immigrations and customs enforcement director john morton. listen. >> the counterfeiters are intentionally trying to mimic or duplicate the feel of the
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legitimate site so that they can drive legitimate traffic to their site so that they can get an increasingly large portion of the legitimate sales themselves and literally rip people off in a way that they have no idea that they ever even went to a counter fit site. >> rip people off that fake ergo baby carrier failed off othe safety test. when you buy the knockoff not just getting rip off but also risking safety. shep? >> shepard: what are shoppers supposed to do? how do you protect yourself. >> mostly you have to know exactly what you are looking for. in fact, put those two web sites up again w ergo baby carrier. the one on the left is the real one. the one on the right is the fake. the real one you can tell the logo is real. see the second tab about us? you can go and find out more about the company. next one over, contact us, you have contact information. the fake one has none of those. the fake one also has a couple of misspellings. here is an online sales expert
4:09 pm
today on "studio b." listen. >> when you go to a web site, some people dig a little deeper. they look for things like contact information or privacy policy. email addresses for exchange or actually an address of a legitimate company. so, usually companies that will take something back from you will give you the legitimate information for returning it or they will have return policies. >> we mentioned the feds seized 132 of those web sites. if you click on one of those now, you will clearly see that they are no longer in business. there it is. shep? >> shepard: trace, thanks. some shoppers out there in california clearly didn't have the holiday spirit as they started fighting right in the middle of the mall on black friday. quite a fight. we would have seen more of it if they had the i-phone sideways like you are supposed to. anyway. a couple of women and at least three men traded punches at westfield gallery a in roseville. police say they didn't arrest
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anybody. one witnesses say the fight started over a panty sale at victoria secret. well egyptian leader making a huge power grab and it is not going over well with the rest of the world. for that matter with its own people. [chanting] just ahead protests in the streets of cairo and why the egyptian president ♪ backing down. what of the israeli truce? plus the u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice took some heat over her comments on the libya consulate attack. now it looks like though her critics have some ammunition against their claims. now she is going to go speak to some of them on capitol hill. benghazi and susan rice and is the tide turning? that's coming up from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report.
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4:14 pm
yacht tomorrow according to senator mccain's office. the senator expects a lot of questions to be answered. analysts say president obama may nominate ambassador rice to be secretary of state and he may do so as soon as this week. the senators had said that she is, quote: not qualified, unquote because of her comments on the sunday shows after the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. however all three senators are now apparently softening their stance. ambassador rice says she was relying on talking points from intelligence officials when she said the violence started out of a spontaneous reaction to protests over anti-islam video. the director of national intelligence confirms his office changed the talking points not the white house, not anyone else. james clapper says his office took out references to al qaeda and terrorism before ambassador rice went on all five sunday shows. he also says he knew at the time extremists were involved. the bottom line was this just wasn't ready for public
4:15 pm
consumption. there was a lot of covert stuff going on on the ground. senators now want him to explain the decision. senator mccain now says he he is willing to give ambassador rice a change -- chance to explain herself. a note of importance she worked hard against him in his run for the white house in 2008. many democrats believe part of his opposition to her nomination dates to that. the egyptian president who helped broker the cease-fire between israel and hamas today defended his controversial power grab. the egyptian president mohammed morsi stood by his decision to essentially give himself complete control over egypt. he says it's only temporary. you may recall last week he issued several decrees. including an order that all decisions he makes are final. and one that states no legislature and no court can overturny law that he makes. if that sounds like a dictatorship to you, it does to these people, too. they are pro-democracy protesters who have responded to days of clashes that have
4:16 pm
led to one death and hundreds of injuries. all of this less than two years after a popular uprising ousted hosni mubarak. the white house has not spoken with the ejimtion counter part since his power grab but they are keeping a close eye on the situation. >> we have raised concerns. i think the state department put out a statement on this or new one addressed it in a briefing. i think the state department might have more information for you on, you know, specifically how we have communicated those concerns. but, you know, our interest is in the process, the transition towards democracy. >> shepard: also today secretary of state hillary clinton reached out to egypt's foreign minister to discuss the crisis. where are we? steve harrigan with the news live tonight from cairo. steve? >> shepard, we're hearing some pretty regular small explosions behind us right now. that is tear gas being fired. so much tear gas has been fired in this section of cairo in the past four days it's
4:17 pm
basically hanging here like a cloud. today we saw president morsey make some attempt at compromise reaching out to some of his harshest critics, the chief judges here in cairo trying to assure him that the powers that he assumed are only temporary and only apply to, quote: sovereign matters without really defining what those sovereign matters are or changing the decrees that gave him that power in any way. those moves are unlikely to satisfy the protesters out on the street and tomorrow they're planning a major march against the president. initially there was a second march planned as well. this time why the muslim brotherhood in support of the president. they cancelled that one due to fears of violence after four days of street protests here. 400 people wounded. one killed tomorrow expected to be a very busy day. a lot of shops and schools closing down out of fears of revive lens. shepard? >> shepard: steve harrigan live this tuesday morning in cairo. surprise move the israeli defense minister ehud barak announced is he quitting
4:18 pm
politics all together. this comes after he led that 8 day military offensive against hamas which ended last week in what is a fragile cease-fire. he is 70 years old now. and says he will stay on until a new government is sworn in after the elections. national elections in january. ehud barak is israel's most decorated soldier. he also served as prime minister. barak has been moderating influence with the united states and powers. his decision to quit politics comes at a time of uncertainty with israel. he has clashed publicly with the prime minister there benjamin netanyahu how to handle the threat from iran's nuclear program. folks at the macy's thanksgiving day parade spotted something strange. turns out some of the confetti was actually secret police files. coming up, how social security numbers and info on undercover cops and even governor mitt romney's motorcade ended unraining down ended up raining down on the crowds.
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>> they have got some explaining to do now. personal information used as confetti. cops in nassau county on new york's long island investigating how purely shredded documents ended up raining down on the macy's thanksgiving day parade. folks who found the stuff say they could easily make out what appeared to be social security numbers, plus bank information, even license plate numbers for undercover cops. and on top of that, a partial seal of the nassau county police department. at least pro parade goers say they found sheds containing security details from mitt
4:23 pm
romney's motorcade. live along what was the parade route on sixth avenue. how does people along the parade route even notice this stuff. >> it's obviously part of the parade tradition for parade goers and participants to throw confetti and ethan fin kel stein noticed a piece land on the shoulder of one of his friends. he picked it up, saw what he thought was a social security number. so then he and others started looking at all of this confetti and found all manner of what appear to be personal details. listen. >> license plate numbers. police reports. there was one shred piece of paper that talked about at 4:30 a.m. a pipe bomb was in some area of long island. and also, as i mentioned it said romney motorcade and looked like there maybe was a name of a police officer or something assigned to him. >> fink kel stein and his friends very disturbed by that
4:24 pm
so immediately drew it to the cop's attention, shep. >> shepard: how did those shredded documents end up there in the first place. >> that's a very good question. macy's say they do not use that kind of confetti at all. they have a commercial and regulation sort of confetti. they simply don't know. it is not unusual for spectators to bring and throw their own confetti. macy's has no knowledge of where that confetti comes from as it is not something the parade distributes or uses. so, the macy's clowns appear to be innocent in all of this but there is a now a search on for a potential clown in the nassau county police department where those documents apparently came from. the police in nassau county issued a statement today which said the nassau county police department is very concerned about this situation. we will be conducting an investigation into this matter as well as our -- as reviewing our procedures for the disposing of sensitive documents.
4:25 pm
and for those who found their information on those documents it is, of course, shep, no laughing matter. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in new york city. a bird strike forced a jetblue flight to turn around and head back to florida. the plane was headed from fort lauderdale to san juan puerto rico. airline officials say the pilot turned back after a bird hit one of its engines. the jet landed safely back at airport and nobody was hurt. the mechanics checked out the planes for any science of damage. another on saturday diverted this one from charlotte to key west. this one landed safely in fort meyers. birds can cripple airplanes the most famous case in 2009 when geese knocked out both engines new york airways flight over new york city. captain sully sullenberger successfully ditched the plane in the river. it's not just the fax hikes and the spending cuts. the white house says the consequences of going over the fiscal cliff could start even before new year's day. one republic leader says it's
4:26 pm
up to the president to break the stalemate. plus, woulder now learning how much u.s. troops will not be leaving afghanistan, even when afghan forces take charge of their own security. wait. some troops will be staying behind? wait until you hear this as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. ce- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night.
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current record for an american is is about seven months. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and the standoff over the so-called fiscal cliff could hurt the economy even if we don't plunge over it. that's the warning from the white house. it says americans may not spend as much during the holidays this holiday season because they're worried about taxes going up in january. if we actually do go over the cliff, the white house says the average middle class family would pay an extra $2,000 or so in taxes next year. officials predict americans will cut back on spending even more and slow down the
4:31 pm
economic recovery. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour. ed henry is on it. lawmakers getting back to work this week. so where do they stand? >> shep, it's interesting because they can't even agree on whether or not they are at loggerheads. if you listen to white house spokesman jay carney he says things are moving along. they are very hopeful there is going to be a compromise. you speak to mitch mcconnell he says they are hopelessly deadlocked right now and a lack of presidential leadership is making it harder. take a listen. >> we have been very clear about both the president's interest in and willingness to compromise. but also his clear inchoice tense that he will -- insistence that he will not sign extension of bush era tax cut for the top 2%. >> we will wait on the president and hope he has what it takes to bring people together and forge a compromise. if he he does, we will get there if he doesn't, we won't. it's that simple.
4:32 pm
white house aides are pushing back on leadership question by saying this past weekend the president reached out to john boehner and harry reid to try to move things along and there is also talk that later this week there may be another face-to-face meeting here between democrats and republicans at the white house later this week, shep. >> shepard: republicans have long pushed for entitlement reforms. some democrats say they are willing to talk about compromise on that. >> they are. here is the rub. republicans say they are willing to put revenue on the table. they don't want to raise tax rates. democrats are saying like dick durbin on abc this week says let's put everything on the table including entitlement reform but then in the next moment dick durbin says he doesn't want to change medicare. take a listen. >> we have got to make sure that there is seemless coverage of affordable health insurance for every american. my concern about raising that medicare retirement age is there will be gaps in coverage. this has been the problem so far. republicans don't want to give in on taxes they say they will
4:33 pm
will, they will make some concessions but they haven't yet. democrats say they are willing to work and make concessions on entitlement reform but sketchy on the details. both sides know what they need to do to find common ground but they haven't done it yet. >> ed henry at the white house. thanks. president obama has chosen a new head of the securities and exchange regulation. who heads wall street. her name is elise walter. she has been a member of the commission since president george w. bush appointed her in 2008. she is set now to replace mary shapiro who took over in the middle of the worst financial crisis since the great depression. mary shapiro is credited with leading the response but critics say she should have been more aggressive in pursuing those charges against those responsible for the crisis. a christian college can keep fighting the president's signature healthcare law. that's the ruling today from the supreme court. we're talking about liberty university in virginia. it challenged the requirement that large employers have to provide workers with healthcare coverage. the suit claims that forcing
4:34 pm
the school to cover birth control violates christian religious principles. it also challenges the so-called individual mandate. that mandate requires every american to get health insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty. last year, a federal appeals court threw out the university's case but it was on jurisdictional matters. today the supreme court cleared the way for the lawsuit to proceed in the lower court. earlier this year the high court upheld the individual mandate in a 5 to 4 vote. well, the u.s. may keep 10,000 troops in afghanistan after 2014. when most combat forces are set to leave the country. that's what a defense officials are now telling fox news. u.s. commanders say that afghan forces will be in charge of their own security by then. but analysts say the afghans will still need help from the united states. for one thing, they don't have their own air force. but we knew that jennifer griffin at the pentagon. what do we know about the military's plans after 2014?
4:35 pm
>> most assume there will be one more fighting season next year in afghanistan beginning in the spring and going through next fall. general john allen the top u.s. commander in afghanistan reportedly wants to keep 60,000 troops through that fighting season that is most of the troops already there. now there are indication that's will recommend that the u.s. keep 10,000 troops after 2014, including 1,000 special operators to keep a lid on things. this is how defense secretary panetta recently described his vision. afghans will be in the lead throughout the country for security in mid 2013. afghans will ultimately take full responsibility for security by the end of 2014. >> the final decision will be with president obama in discussions about the way forward should begin tomorrow when secretary panetta has a teleconference call with general john allen, shep. >> isn't the real final decision the afghans to make?
4:36 pm
>> absolutely. the state department has just started negotiating a status of forces agreement with president harmid karzai. remember it was the status of forces agreement that held up a decision about whether to keep u.s. troops in iraq. now, they are negotiating that with the afghan leader when they didn't get an agreement in to give u.s. forces immunity in iraq. they couldn't keep any troops there after the deadline to pull out. one reason the u.s. wants to keep 10,000 troops in afghanistan has to do with the fact that the afghans don't have a functioning air force as you mentioned. even though the u.s. has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build one. you can expect u.s. forces to stay to help stabilize afghanistan until its presidential election in 2014. in april 2014. shep? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thanks. a pilot refueling helicopter at an airport when that helicopter exploded at the pump. that tops our news across
4:37 pm
america. california, the blast killed that pilot. firefighters responded to a 911 call. but by the time they got there flames had fully engulfed the shopper. investigators still working on what caused the explosion. but they say the choppers reporters blades may have slit a canopy. one flew across tarmac and put a hole in an airplane hanger. oklahoma, a driver died after he put his car through a bring wall in oklahoma city. police are investigating what caused him to lose control. they say his body was in bad shape. but that they are not sure if he got hurt before or after the crash. >> florida. 100 feet of steel in the shape of a gator head is making its way across florida's alligator alli on the back of an 18-wheeler. it's only part of an art project that will float in biscayne bay off miami next month. >> have to cut it in three
4:38 pm
pieces and transport it. 100-foot long. 30 feet wide and three stories tall. >> the finished gator will be nearly 300 feet long, covered in tiles showing thousands of photos of the everglades. the idea is to raise awareness of protecting that vast wet land. >> so you thought the casey anthony trial was a disaster, huh? proof that you may have been right. more than a year after a jury found casey anthony not guilty of killing little caylee. there is word investigators missed something enormous that could very well have resulted in a different outcome. evidence of a disturbing web search that somebody made the day the little girl disappeared. and why officials now cannot do a single thing about it. that's next. plus, victims of the east coast super storm hoping for a little luck with a massive power ball jackpot that's up for grabs. that's next as fox reports live tonight.
4:39 pm
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>> shepard: fool proof suffocation. somebody searched for that when casey anthony died and he they found evidence that that happened on casey anthony's computer. in which the jury in the murder case never got to see. investigators in central florida now say somebody in anthony's house searched the web for how to suffocate somebody on the very day that 2-year-old caylee anthony vanished. there is no way to be sure exactly who searched google for suffocation. but investigators say this: right after whoever it was searched for suffocation, somebody logged on to casey anthony's myspace page. the discovery comes too late for prosecutors. a jury acquitted casey anthony last year of killing her2-year-old daughter caylee. of course, the sensational case became media sensation. the verdict making some folks so mad that anthony has been in hiding ever since. she says there have been death
4:43 pm
threats. we are learning how investigators might be able to miss something so crucially important. phil keating with the news in our newsroom tonight. how are officials in orange county saying they admit they screwed up. >> they are saying they simply did not search all of the search engines on that home computer. however, since this is now a closed case, the sheriff's department will not speculate on what all this could have meant in the trial. keep in mind, this is the same sheriff's department that never thoroughly searched those woods where caylee anthony's bones were eventually found without much evidence left on them at the time. the parents of casey anthony today released this short statement, quote: this search was never brought out in the trial and was never discussed or disclosed to the anthonys. however, while it is clearly more than an oversight, the trial is over and the anthonys are continuing to move forward with their lives. the sheriff's department now says that in the future if it needs help uncovering a computer's entire search history it will be more willing to ask the fbi for that help.
4:44 pm
shep. >> shepard: you know, it's clear whether the sheriff's department wants to talk about it or not, it's clear that this sort of evidence could shake up the whole thing. >> it certainly could have. whether it would have undone the not guilty verdict remains to be seen. it would have been more of the same evidence. what i mean by that is there were several home searches on the anthony computer entered as evidence during the trial. every time priewrgts blamed it prosecutors blamed it on casey anthony while the defense team blamed it on george anthony the father. today jose baez thinks buried this suffocation search from the start. >> that evidence cuts both ways. big time. and i think it cuts the prosecution a lot more and i think it's preposterous that law enforcement is saying it was an oversight. we just overlooked it. >> based on george anthony's testimony, prosecutors always contended that casey anthony took a live caylee from the home that day at 12:50 p.m.
4:45 pm
while the internet searches for fool proof suffocation happened about an hour after that shep. >> shepard: phil keating in our florida newsroom tonight. thanks. there is a hefty price tag coming from sandy. now we have learned the details as folks in some town get a look at the destruction after the super storm hit. according to new york governor andrew cuomo, sandy cost the state more than $40 billion. billions more than the previous estimates. and in new jersey, fema reports it's already paid out more than a quarter of a billion dollars to residents. many of those folks are in some of the hardest hit towns like point pleasant where four feet of sand covered the streets like a snow drift. as workers remove that sand, folks are finally getting a look at all the destruction beneath it rick leventhal with the news life in point pleasant tonight. how different is it a month later? >> not much, shepard. much of the ocean front is still a wreck. including the southern half of the board walk and most of the buildings here like the white sands hotel behind us. a storm surge racked the ocean
4:46 pm
front bar and restaurant bringing waves and sand dunes into that space. also swamping the ground floor rooms with with a couple of feet of water. almost everything along the coast hire was hit hard and clean up has barely started in some cases. piles of debris still line many of the streets waiting for pickup and many homes without power in some cases the electricity can't be turned on for safety reasons and some towns, including bay head just south of us still have national guard troops manning checkpoints, shep. >> shepard: some people have been able to come back home though, right, rick? >> well, some folks have. it's tough to get a firm number on that. a lot of the houses between us and the railroad tracks are older homes. they are single story bungalows. those were swamped and need extensive renovations. some of the newer houses were built to stricter code and many of those are okay including marilyn maddens house a couple of blocks from the ocean. she got water a few inches from her top step and never flooded. she one of the few people who can actually live her full time. >> people didn't raise their
4:47 pm
houses here because they said my parents built this house and the water never came in and we're not raising it well, it caught up with them 50 years later. >> marilyn says most of her neighbors plan to repair or rebuild and in fact we saw more contractors than residents on 00 streets here today, shepard. >> shepard: rick leventhal on the jersey shore. some of the folks hit hardest are taking their chances at winning wednesday's big power ball drawing. the lottery played in d.c. and the u.s. virgin islands the jackpot now 425 million bucks. one of the largest ever. it's rolled over 16 times without a winner. one person on long island who lost his car during the storm says he thinks a lot of people should win. not just one person. but the guy says if he does win, he won't bother replacing the car. he says he will probably just hire a chauffeur. parents now have a new way to monitor their teens behind the wheel. you can now hire an off duty
4:48 pm
cop to spy on your children. but this service is raising some serious privacy concerns. and making children hate their parents forever. plus, new controversy for the show two and a half men. first charlie sheen left in that weird fit of rage. now one of the show's remaining stars is asking folks to stop watching the show. you will find out why. with verizon. this monday online only. get the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung gaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this holiday, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon. ♪
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4:51 pm
>> shepard: parents in nearly 300 cities can now pay off duty or retired police officers to spy on their teenagers while the kids are behind the wheel. the san diego based company called quest driving safety provides the service. spying on children for 9 bucks. the officer can tail the teen for 15 to 20 minutes much the
4:52 pm
cop then tells the parents how fast the kid drove. whether i he or she buckled up. whether the teen used a cell phone while driving. the company's founder say that information gives parents a chance to correct potentially deadly problems. way the way it allows others to parent for them. it's not just parents that can use the service. adam housley in los angeles. adam? >> shepard, motor vehicle crashes the leading cause for death of teenagers in the u.s. great majority of teenagers are known for not using their seat belts. in fact, 90% say they do other things while driving. for example, talk on the phone, playing on the radio. talking with friends. things teens are notorious for doing when they drive. a service they think will be a good way to help parents out. either by giving them piece of mind or alerting them to it impending problem. >> it's an exceptional tool for parents to sit down with their kids and communicate. this is part of developing that trust and bond and the
4:53 pm
parents establishing the boundaries and privileges once they do give them the opportunity to drive that car. >> we went along with one of these surveillance missions down in san diego. the young lady we followed thankfully for her she is on camera, of course did, a great job driving. her dad was glad to hear that even though she did well he may do this again. the program does encourage parents to talk to their kids and let them know they are going to be followed at some point they just don't know when. the idea is that it will encourage them to drive safer all the time. >> i'm going to have you followed and i don't know if it's going to be today, tomorrow, next week or a year from now. you are going to be followed. if there is a problem, you know, we're going to have a problem. i thought that might in itself might be a good enough of a message for her to drive properly. >> now, it also can be used for employers as well. you see in the back of semis 1-800-dial this number how i'm driving. could dial employees or grandma and grandpa could be see if elderly drivers are
4:54 pm
having problems on the road. shepard? >> shepard: adam housley, thanks. a new study thatting yous is those bounce houses that you see at kids' birthday parties and festivals are sending a growing number of kids to the hospital. according to a survey out of nationwide children's hospital some 11,000 children went to emergency rooms in 2010 compared to 1,000 in 1995. include everything from broken bones to concussions. more than a third of injuries involve kids under age 56789 of course, you could just lock the kids in the house and not let them do anything and then they probably wouldn't get hurt. the kid from two and a half men is telling people don't watch our show. he is an gas jones. he has been on the highly successful sitcom from the beginning. video christian church posted online the now 19-year-old says if you watch two and a half men, police stop watching two and a please stop two and af men. i'm on two and a half men. i don't want to be on it.
4:55 pm
please stop filling your head with this filth. the actor reportedly makes about $300,000 for each episode. so far no comment from the show's producer. warner brothers or cbs. filth apparently pays very well. memorial service for the dallas actor larry hagman set to take place this week in los angeles. dallas we are told they will be private and invitation-only. hagman started in i dream of jeanne as major tony nelson. probably best known for texas man j.r. ewing in dallas. he was filming a show. he was 81. well, in miami, you know the afternoon shower happens. they happen during football games. but this weekend it was a beautiful day in miami. yet the players were all wet. sprinklers came on during the game. it was weird. hang on. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
4:56 pm
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>> shepard: the players got all wet during yesterday's nfl game in miami. the fans were high and dry and laughing their butts off. late in the third quarter the dolphins driving and the sprinklers come come on. seems the computer that controls the sprinklers thought it was saturday instead of sunday. there they came. they shut off the sprinklers pretty quick. the players got towel down time and the fins won the game. on this day in 1917. five canadian franchises formed the national hockey league. the nhl didn't even have an american team until boston bruins joined in the 20's. others followed including the detroit cougars. today you may know them as the red wings. 23 of the nhl's 30 franchises are now based in the u.s. the league has had its shares of ups and downs especially during world war ii. today there is no hockey. the league has long been in a lockout over mon

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